Huawei Hg8447 Gpon Terminal Service Access Network Equipment

Huawei HG8447 Introduction
The Echo Life HG8447, an optical network terminal (ONT), is a high end home gateway in Huawei FTTH solution. By using the GPON technology, ultra broadband access is provided for home and SOHO users. The HG8447 provides four POTS ports, four GE/FE auto adapting Ethernet ports, one CATV port and one WiFi port. The HG8447 features high-performance forwarding capabilities to ensure excellent experience with VoIP, Internet and HD video services.
Figure 2-17  Ports on the rear panel of the HG8447

Table 2-11  Descriptions of the ports on the rear panel of the HG8447

Port and Button



Indicates the radio frequency (RF) port, used for connecting to a TV set.


Indicates the optical port. The optical port is equipped with a rubber plug and is connected to an optical fiber for upstream transmission.
The type of the optical connector connected to the OPTICAL port is SC/APC.


Indicate auto-sensing 10/100/1000M Base-T Ethernet ports (RJ-45), used for connecting to PCs or IP STBs.


Indicate VoIP telephone ports (RJ-11), used for connecting to the ports on telephone sets.


Indicates the power-on/power-off button, used for powering on or powering off the device.


Indicates the power port, used for connecting to the power adapter or backup battery.

Figure 2-18  Ports on the side panel of the HG8447

Table 2-12  Descriptions of the ports on the side panel of the HG8447

Port and Button



Indicates the external backup battery monitoring port, used for connecting to the backup battery for monitoring the battery.


Indicate the USB host port, used for connecting to a USB storage device.


Indicates the WLAN button, used for enabling or disabling the WLAN function.


Indicates the WLAN data encryption switch.


Indicates the reset button. Press the button for a short time to reset the device; press the button for a long time (longer than 10s) to restore the device to the default settings and reset the device.

Typical Network Applications
As a network terminal, the HG8010/HG8110/HG8240/HG8245/HG8247/HG8447 is deployed at the GPON access layer and connects home users and SOHO users to the Internet through optical upstream ports. On the local area network (LAN) side, the HG8010/HG8110/HG8240/HG8245/HG8247/HG8447 provides abundant hardware ports to meet various network requirements of home users and SOHO users.
Figure 2-30  Network topology of the HG8447

Table 6-1  Physical specifications



Dimensions (length x width x depth)

268 mm x 213 mm x 34 mm

Weight (including the power adapter)

About 800 g

Overall system power supply

11-14 V DC, 2 A

Power adapter input range

100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz

Maximum power consumption


Temperature range

0°C to +40°C

Humidity range

5%-95% (non-condensing)
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