Zxa10 C300 Gpon or Epon Olt Equipment, Thick Paper Carton Package

For ZXA10 C300 Gpon OLT equipment. Low price and high quality. It supports all kinds of FTTX application modes

C300 GPON OLT configuration:
2 power cards, the model is PRWG.
2 uplink cards, the model is GUFQ, including 4 module for each board.
1 universal interface board, CICG, there are 11 Ethernet ports on it.

Exchange control boards, 2 pieces, the model is SCXM.

1 piece 8-port GPON card, the model number is GTGO, including 8 modules

2 black power cables; An RJ-45 first turn 9-pin RS-232 female network cable; One RJ-45 cable; .

Addressing all types of FTTX network requirements with the most appropriate technology, launched ZXA10 C300, world's first unified platform supporting GPON, EPON and P2P as well as the emerging next generation IEEE 10GEPON and FSAN/ITU-T NG-PON in one platform

Future-proof Platform Lowering TCO and Preserving Initial Investments
Large Capacity and High Density to Meet Requirements of Big CO and Higher Site Saving
Full Redundancy Support to Ensure Carrier-class Reliability
Increased Revenues with Higher End-users Quality of Experience
Traditional TDM Support Provide a Low-cost Way for FMC and Network Migration
Powerful QoS and Security Control to Ensure Multiple Service Provision
Efficient OAM Process with Easy Management and Maintenance
Green Product Assure a Green Communication World
ZXA10 C300 next-generation optical access platform won the InfoVision Green Broadband Award at Broadband World Forum Europe (BBWF Europe) 2010, it is the world's first green, converged, multi-service, all-optical, large-capacity and high-density access platform that is designed for high-end markets, meets existing technical application requirements, and can be simply upgraded as new technologies develop.
Original equipment from ZTE factory.
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