Huawei Fiber router Hg8342 Epon ONU Echolife Hg8010h HG8232 1ge Port Gpon Ont

Optical fiber access era is coming. However, the lack of ONT is becoming the serious challenge for FTTH deployment. As one of the most important part, ONT directly affect the performance, reliability, maintainability and scalability of whole FTTH network. With rich knowledge in the fiber access field and 10 years of accumulated technology experience, Huawei launched a series of FTTH ONT.
The Echo Life HG8240 is an indoor optical network terminal (ONT) in Huawei FTTH solution. By using the GPON technology, ultra-broadband access is provided for home and SOHO users. The HG8240 provides two POTS ports and four GE/FE auto-adapting Ethernet ports. The HG8240 features high-performance forwarding capabilities to ensure excellent experience with VoIP, Internet and HD video services.


Port: 2POTS+4GE.

Plug-and-play (PnP): Internet, IPTV and VoIP services can be deployed by one click on the NMS and on-site configuration is not required.

Remote diagnosis: Remote fault locating is implemented by the loop-line test of POTS ports and call emulation initiated by the NMS.

High speed forwarding: GE line rate forwarding.

Applications & Benefits

High-performance forwarding capability provides an optimal terminal solution and future oriented service supporting capabilities for FTTH deployment.

Plug-and-play makes service provisioning easier and more quickly.

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